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Employee Spotlight: Meet Charlie Aquilino

Feb 7th, 2018

Charlie’s had rhythm all his life.

He began drumming with his finger on desks, notebooks, windows, etc. in school, but his first real set of drums was a gift from his dad at age nine. He hasn’t stopped drumming since.

However, when he isn’t rockin’ the drums, Charlie Aquilino is AVIAN’s IT Manager that keeps everyone’s computers up and running.

Charlie has worked for AVIAN for nearly 9 years and holds a Master’s Degree in Information Technology/Information Assurance.

When asked what most excites him about AVIAN’s growth he said, “It’s exciting to walk into a company as an intern and then see a path where someday there could be an IT department that I may lead.”

As IT Manager, Charlie provides Help Desk support, Cyber Awareness and Network and System Administration. Out of those four core responsibilities, he enjoys Help Desk support the most.

“Think of me as that mechanic you actually trust. Bring your computer to me and I’ll take care of you,” Aquilino said.

His family say Charlie has absolutely no filter around them and often moves to the beat of his own drum…literally.

So, who would have thought that this IT mechanic, drummer extraordinaire would also be an avid golfer?

Someday, Charlie hopes to play a round on the world-renowned Pebble Beach Golf Course in California and St. Andrew Golf Course in Ireland.

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