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Employee Spotlight: Meet Gene Daniels

Feb 9th, 2017

A self-proclaimed people person from upstate New York, Gene Daniels has spent more than 30 years supporting U.S. Navy Sailors and Marines.

As a transportation and logistics officer in the Marine Corps, Gene provided troops with supplies and tools needed in battle. Now, as a program manager supporting the Office of Naval Research’s Warfighter Performance Department (Code 34), he is part of a team that develops enhanced capabilities for Navy and Marine Corps acquisition programs.

A retired Marine Colonel, and a former semi-professional football player, Gene is no stranger to intense physical fitness. Outside of work, you may find Gene playing golf at Marine Corps Base Quantico to stay active.

“I play at Quantico because they let you walk the course there. It’s really enjoyable to play a round of golf and actually walk from hole to hole.”

When meeting someone new, Gene always asks people where they are from. He enjoys making connections with people about their hometowns, duty stations, or places of interest around the world.

While on active duty, Gene traveled frequently throughout Southwest Asia.  Gene hopes to travel, with his wife Barb, to Ireland where he plans to meet some of the locals and tour the beautiful countryside.

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