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Shaping the Future: AVIAN's Summer Intern Spotlight, Kyle Yingling

Aug 3rd, 2023

As we continue our intern spotlight series, we're excited to introduce Kyle Yingling, a dedicated MBSE intern at AVIAN. Currently finalizing his Mechanical Engineering degree at UMBC, Kyle has been involved in exciting projects focused on system modeling and the application of AI in the Defense Acquisition System process. Let's dive into Kyle's experiences and learnings at AVIAN.

1. Give a general background/introduction of yourself. (what school are you attending, what are you studying, what's your internship focusing on?)

My name is Kyle Yingling and I work here at AVIAN as an MBSE intern supporting the Defense Acquisition System process. I am currently a student at UMBC and am completing my degree in Mechanical Engineering this fall. I hope I can tell everyone about my experiences here with this Q&A.

2. What projects have you been working on for your internship?

We have mostly been working on projects dealing with the system modeling process using Cameo Systems Modeler, which mainly involves assisting the DAS. We have also done work dealing with AI and how to incorporate it into the DAS to help streamline the process, as well as making a course to give the 101 on what AI is and how it works/can be used.

3. What have you learned?

A: We have been learning a lot about the government processes and our relationship with the government as a contractor. This mainly has to do with our role in the overall structure in a contract and how we as MBSE users can help smooth over the rough parts of the process and improve communication between everything.

4. What's your favorite project/task that you've worked on while at AVIAN?

Helping to do research for a presentation that AVIAN was giving to NAVAIR on the future use of AI and adopting it into the system. It was very rewarding getting to not only help make that type of project but see how it was presented and how positively it was received by NAVAIR. Knowing it may be used as a pioneering step in AI introduction to the process is exciting.

5. What surprised you the most about the work you're doing/working at AVIAN?

Everyone here is very friendly, which is the complete opposite of what you’d expect from a government contractor according to stuff you see in movies and TV. Everything is bright and lively, the décor is more than just drab walls and carpets and cubicles, and people will just drop by to say hi sometimes. If I’ve ever had to stop by someone’s office to ask a question, they’ll always find time to talk to me and help me.

6. Where do you see yourself in the next year? The next five years? What are your goals?

In the next couple years, I hope to be done with school and looking for, or found a job in the engineering world, and most likely something that supports the government. Whether that’s with AVIAN or not, I think my experience here has helped me to more look forward to and understand the idea of working for government contractors.

7. What were/are you looking to get out of the internship? Are you/did you get what you were looking for?

I was hoping to get experience with the larger engineering industry and the contracting industry itself since it’s such a large part of Maryland. I feel like I’ve learned more than I could have possibly thought existed while working here and I’ve got everything I could have wanted out of the experience.

8. Do you feel like you got the "AVIAN" experience?

I certainly feel like I did. Everyone talks positively about working with AVIAN and I can’t imagine working here full-time being any less fulfilling than working as an intern. There is a very big emphasis on company cohesion and the AVIAN family, making sure everything is working together and no one department is sectioned off from another. I couldn’t imagine a better first-time internship experience for me.

9. What rotation taught you the most outside of your normal discipline?

I would say the communications rotation. It taught me all about what goes into getting everything inside a company connected and making sure everything is understood, as well as getting the word put out to prospective customers and contracts about who and what AVIAN is.

10. Why did you choose to intern at AVIAN?

I was at a job fair being done by my school when I was walking down the rows looking at all the businesses there and saw a company called AVIAN. I looked them up in the directory that we were provided to see what they did and thought it lined up well with my interests. After introducing myself and having a nice talk with the people there about who I was and what AVIAN did, I gave them my resume to look at. A couple weeks later I got an email from AVIAN asking for an interview and I must have said the right things because now I am working here and having a great time.

From learning about government processes to contributing to AI research, Kyle's journey at AVIAN has been filled with growth and hands-on experiences. His time here has shaped his perspective on the engineering industry and working with government contractors. Above all, Kyle's experiences reflect the welcoming and supportive environment we strive to maintain at AVIAN, ensuring every intern feels like part of the family. As we conclude Kyle's story, stay tuned for more inspiring tales from our summer interns in our upcoming posts.

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