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301.866.2070 (HQ)
850.775.4904 (PCB office)

Executive Leadership

Kevin Switick

President/Chief Executive Officer

George Franz

Chief Operating Officer

Randy Carr

Chief Human Resources Officer

Jeff Danielson

Chief Compliance Officer

John Verdon

Chief Financial Officer

Pete Sarrat

Chief Growth Officer

Jeff Sherman


Vice Presidents

John Slaughter

Vice President of Business Development & Capture for Core Markets

Beth Ward

Vice President of Training, Multimedia & Consulting; Test & Evaluation | Flight Support

Bill Schaefer

Vice President of Product Acquisition & Support


Cindy Mattingly

Director of Business Development & Capture for New Markets

Kelly Perry

Director of Human Resources

Tara Strickland

Director of Communications

Jeff Davila

Director, Systems Engineering/Model-Based Systems Engineering Capabilities

John Shultz

Director, Unmanned Flight Test

Tyler Sautter

Director, Counter Threat Solutions

Vicky Perkins

Director, Unmanned Maritime Systems and Airborne Mine Countermeasures Capabilties

Morgan Hoey

Creative Director, Multimedia

Joe "CQ" Carrasquillo

Director, NAVAIR Acquisition Support Capabilities

Elizabeth Harper

Director, Office of Naval Research Programs

Jim McMains

Director, Office of Naval Research Programs

Kendell Smith

Director, NAVAIR Acquisition Programs

Don Porcaro

Director, NAVAIR Acquisition Programs

Charlene Crawford


Michelle Cosgrove

Director of Accounting

Key Contacts

Sarah Beth Aaron

Talent Resource Manager

Charlie Aquilino

IT Manager

Ian Wolbert

Integrated Marketing Communications