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AVIAN to provide drone services to Colorado Oil and Gas

LEXINGTON PARK, Md. – Spectrum Data, a joint-venture between AVIAN, Inc. and DataSight, was recently awarded a contract to provide the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) with drone services.

Spectrum Data will use unmanned air systems to collect data regarding the integrity of flowlines using remote sensing devices, especially for off-location flowlines that move fluids away from well pads to another location.

Working closely with COGCC’s Engineering Integrity team, Spectrum Data will support efforts to provide prevention, investigation, mitigation, and monitoring related to integrity of flowlines, crude oil transfer lines, and oil and gas facilities located throughout Colorado.

“We’re excited for this new work with COGCC and very much look forward to supporting their mission of fostering the responsible development of Colorado’s natural resources,” said John Slaughter, AVIAN’s vice president for UAS, Data Collection and Emerging Solutions. “We are confident that the data collected by our field units will give the Department of Natural Resources needed information to make the best and safest decisions possible.”

Spectrum Data integrates safe and professional unmanned aviation operations, leading-edge sensor technology and actionable data analysis to deliver the critical products needed to make informed decisions.

Spectrum Data

The AVIAN, Inc. and DataSight, Inc. joint venture, Spectrum Data, was conceived to marry two small businesses – composed of ex-military professional aviators and experts in workflows and data processing - into a unified enterprise with data collection and processing capabilities unseen elsewhere.


AVIAN (pronounced *a-vee-yin*) is a service-disabled, veteran owned small business. We believe talent and passion generate solutions to today’s business challenges. We bring the mindset and precision of military flight operations to the world of small commercial unmanned aircraft systems and are proven leaders in the development and test of unmanned systems.

AVIAN’s military UAS experience includes flight test and operations of all sizes and complexities of unmanned systems from hand-launched to high-altitude, long endurance systems the size of airliners.

Our field services unit, Spectrum, provides a wide range of support to commercial customers, utilizing high-end, complex small UAS and sensors of all types. In each data collection operation, we emphasize the rigorous, disciplined, safety-first mentality of our military flight test heritage.

AVIAN is headquartered in Lexington Park, Maryland with hundreds of employees located across the county. Overall, AVIAN provides a broad range of niche expertise in program, financial, and logistics management; engineering and systems engineering; test and evaluation of manned and unmanned aerial systems; communication strategy and graphic design.

About DataSight

At DataSight, we understand the value of data and what it means to stake professional reputations on field measurements.

Our core service is the selection of appropriate sensors, processing and analysis of the gathered data into actionable customer solutions.

We develop workflows that incorporate geospatial controls into the data collection and extract the information necessary to accurately and precisely develop a measurement solution appropriate to your needs.

DataSight’s technical leadership boasts a long history of professional consulting expertise in survey, geology, engineering, hydrology and data analysis. Our careers were built on our ability to collect high-quality data for power, oil & gas, mining, infrastructure and governmental agencies.

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